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Victorian Battery Company came to us not long after they had started the business way back in January 2013.

They only had one van on the road and had been running some Adwords themselves but were just spending money and seeing no real results. They didn’t have a proper website or any landing pages in place either. They needed new customers and they needed them fast.

They had entered a competitive market with a number of well known major brands with deep marketing pockets, brand equity and market share.


Victorian Battery Company needed results fast. So after careful analysis and competitor research we recommended the following initial marketing activities.

_A Google Adwords Campaign to generate phone calls, quote requests and bookings.

_Specific Landing Pages would be created for these campaigns to improve conversions

_Once the client had generated significant ROI, we reinvested some of that capital and designed and developed a new website for them as well, with the ability for users to buy batteries online.


Leads started coming in only days after launching the AdWords Campaigns and over the next 12 months the results went from strength to strength.

Over time we scaled the AdSpend budget as we optimized the campaigns and the results grew exponentially. After 12 months of exceptional success with AdWords we also implemented an SEO campaign and currently rank on page one for 10 highly competitive keywords.

We are proud to say we still manage Victorian Battery Company’s marketing campaigns 6 years on, and the results just keep pouring in.