The short story

A lot has changed since we started our agency in our lounge room back in 2009. Fast forward 13 years and the biggest change is the clarity we have around our purpose. We exist to transform and grow businesses..just like yours. Plus 13 years in, we have the skills, hunger and team to deliver on this purpose. Happy days.


Co-Founder & Head of Strategy.

Siobhan has been helping clients bring their brands to life and grow their business for over 15 years. Siobhan is a strategist at heart and loves nothing more than figuring out what makes brands and businesses tick, and then helping them define, codify and communicate their message to the world.

Managing deadlines and making sure we are on target are her obsessions. She’s not a morning person, but getting results for clients is really what gets her out of bed each day. This passion also keeps her up late at night learning and thinking on new ways to help our clients soar. Might be why she’s not a morning person…hmmm.

Siobhan has a unique blend of commercial, customer service, digital and marketing skills. Prior to founding Major Creative with her partner Justin she ran a print management business for a number of years and worked in almost every hospitality role you can think of the better part of 15 years (she refers to this as her “former life”).

She brings this diverse experience to every project and interation with clients. Customer service is everything to Siobhan. Old school customer service. Not just lip service.

Whilst Major Creative is always on her mind, when she’s not here she is partial to a wine with friends, listening to some old tunes and hanging with her dog Bear. If you come visit the office be prepared to meet him. Oh and her partner Justin too…Siobhan likes hanging out with him as well.

+61 0435 944 391


Co-Founder & Creative Director.

Justin is the heart of all things Creative at Major. Discovering a passion for art as a teenager, he went on to study at Brighton Bay Art & Design before attending RMIT studying Visual Communication. Learning graphic design over 25 years ago when computers were just coming on the scene has served him well, and he brings creative flair, precision and attention to detail to every project he works on.

Justin took a break from the creative world and owned and managed three health food shops for over 10 years. When he and Siobhan founded Major Creative back in 2009, he brought with him not only his creative chops, but a deep understanding of the customer experience and clients needs as a result. Anyone who has worked in retail will know, it’s a steep learning curve for understanding people.

What’s Justin up to when he’s not pushing pixels and planning world domination? Well he loves his tunes and is always making another playlist. He’s partial to a beer or two as well. Nothing fancy though. Just Carlton Draught will do.

+61 0412 857 777


Supported by our team.

We are supported by a talented, agile and passionate in-house team and extended community of strategists, researchers, digital marketing experts, content marketers, social media experts and public relations experts.

We are nothing without them. They are the real heroes.

  • I will forever be indebted to you for all the work you and your team have done. Sometimes I forget that not everyone is a 24 hour business like us and apologise for weekend calls/text. I look forward to next year as we are growing everyday and you are a big part of it. Thank you and may you have a Merry Christmas.

    _ John Beech
    Victorian Battery Company

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